Anti Mouse™ Mini-Sonic Mouse Repellent

Code: 7315108

The Big Cheese Anti Mouse™ Mini Sonic Mouse Repellent - STV826 is the next generation of ultrasonic rodent deterrent. The discreet unit is smaller so when plugged in it doesn’t obstruct the neighbouring socket. Despite the smaller size, it still remains fully effective in humanely deterring rodents. The repellent is easy to set up and use and doesn’t require any batteries. Simply plug the unit into an electrical socket and switch on. Use one repellent device per room. Provides continuous ultrasonic output to help humanely drive away rodents Discreet design does not obstruct other plug sockets and allows their full use Pet-safe and welfare-friendly deterrent


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The Big Cheese Anti Mouse™ Mini Sonic Mouse Repellent - Stv826 Is The Next Generation Of Ultrasonic Rodent Deterrent. The Discreet Unit Is Smaller So When Plugged In It Doesn’T Obstruct The Neighbouring Socket. Despite The Smaller Size, It Still Remains Fully Effective In Humanely Deterring Rodents. The Repellent Is Easy To Set Up And Use And Doesn’T Require Any Batteries. Simply Plug The Unit Into An Electrical Socket And Switch On. Use One Repellent Device Per Room. Provides Continuous Ultrasonic Output To Help Humanely Drive Away Rodents Discreet Design Does Not Obstruct Other Plug Sockets And Allows Their Full Use Pet-Safe And Welfare-Friendly Deterrent
Hight 50 mm Width 48 mm
Depth 57 mm

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