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The Davids Fastglass Glass Fibre Kit - Small is a polyester resin kit containing 250ml resin, 10g hardener, glass fibre, mixing cup and protective gloves. It has been developed for the repair of holes, splits, cracks and tears in most materials including metal, wood, hard plastics and bricks. It can also be used as a construction material to manufacture storage tanks and offers perfect adhesion to most surfaces. It works as a solid base for most paint systems. The large version of the kit contains 250ml an opaque polyester laminating resin, a glass fibre matting sheet (25 x 110cm), a mixing stick, a measuring beaker / mixing cup, some protective gloves, an ½" brush, a 10g red BPO paste hardener sachet and detailed instructions. Features & Benefits: Sandable after 20 minutes (at 20C) Can be covered by the majority of primers and paint systems Job Type : most repairs including holes upto 25mm in size Suitable for : most substrates but not certain plastics - cellophane, polypropylene, polyethylene and polystyrene

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