Sirocco 9 Fin Oil Filled Radiator 2kw

Code: 9503110

The Sirocco 9 Fin Oil Filled Radiator - 2kw is perfect to heat up a room on cold winter nights. This energy efficient oil filled radiator features an adjustable thermostat control and three heat settings (800w, 1.2kw and 2kw), giving you full control of the level of heat in your room. It also features castors for easy movement and a 1.8m power cord, giving you the freedom to place the radiator wherever it is needed. It also has a built-in safety overheat protection. When the radiator is not in use you can use the built-in wrap around cord and plug storage.


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The Sirocco 9 Fin Oil Filled Radiator - 2Kw Is Perfect To Heat Up A Room On Cold Winter Nights. This Energy Efficient Oil Filled Radiator Features An Adjustable Thermostat Control And Three Heat Settings (800W, 1.2Kw And 2Kw), Giving You Full Control Of The Level Of Heat In Your Room. It Also Features Castors For Easy Movement And A 1.8M Power Cord, Giving You The Freedom To Place The Radiator Wherever It Is Needed. It Also Has A Built-In Safety Overheat Protection. When The Radiator Is Not In Use You Can Use The Built-In Wrap Around Cord And Plug Storage. 3 Heat Settings - 800W, 12Kw, 2Kw Adjustable Thermostat And Built-In Safety Overheat Protection Handles & Castors For Easy Movement
Unit Width of Piece 38 mm Power suppliy Mains
Width 38 cm Depth 16 cm
Height 62 cm Unit Length of Piece (mm) 62 mm
Unit Height of Piece (mm) 16 mm Brand Sirocco

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