Aftercut All In One Autumn 100 m2

Code: 7312972

Aftercut All in One Autumn has been specially formulated to control moss and keep your lawn strong and healthy over the winter months. Kills moss effectively Greens, feeds & conditions Stronger root system to improve nutrient uptake Produces a hard wearing lawn to withstand the winter months NPK 4-5-15 When to Use For use on established lawns, (more than 1 year old) when grass and moss is actively growing and rain is imminent Apply from September to mid-November. Re-treatment may be necessary for heavy moss infestation, or if moss returns Apply on a calm dry day when lawns are actively growing, the grass is dry and the soil is moist Do not apply within 3 days before or 4 days after mowing. Apply on a calm day and do not allow drift onto the foliage of neighbouring vegetation Do not apply during drought, when raining or when frost is expected Do not use more than twice in any one season How to Use It is good practice to wear gloves when using this product although this is not a requirement Apply at a maximum individual application of 35g/sq.m Mark out the areas to be treated and apply the granules evenly to ensure complete and even lawn coverage


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